Computer Systems and Software Tuition


Tuition differs from training, in that there is a certain amount of input and enthusiasm required by the student.

As we all have different levels of computer knowledge, in the spirit of Bamborang services, tutorial session are free flowing and some what informal.

The tutor is there to provide guidance and advice to assist the client in reaching their personal, professional and intellectual goals.

Tuition is more than just giving information. It is guiding and interacting with students through their own learning process.


Bamborang has experience in providing computer tuition to a variety of clients, one on one or in small groups, such as:

  • Mature Age job-seekers
  • Indigenous Australian job-seekers
  • University students
  • Corporate employees


Bamborang Specialises in providing tuition session for:

  • General Computing – Windows & Mac Operating Systems
  • Word and Data processing –  Microsoft Office ie. Word, Excel, Powerpoint
  • Design and Desktop Publishing – Adobe Creative Suite ie. Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator
  • Audio & MIDI Production – Abelton Live, Propellahead Reason, Adobe Audition
  • AKAI Professional Hardware – legacy MPC and S-Series




  • Kris GoSei Hodgins (6th Dan)
  • Student of Hohushin Shinoh Ryu Iaido
  • Disciple of Master Chong GoHo Wonho & Grand Master Kimura HekiHo Masakazu
  • Instructor of Modbury Sei Ren Kan Dojo.

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